The world needs more wonderful people like you. You are compassionate, caring, and very generous. Your decision to help me get well shows me your true heart. I am forever grateful!

You’re thoughtful, kind, and caring, and went out of your way. From the friendly and knowledgeable front desk taking care of my bookings and insurance etc to beyond excellent care and treatment from both Gord and Jacki at a time in my life I needed it most. Something I truly appreciated – more than words can say.

Immune Boost acupuncture has made a huge difference for me as an elementary school teacher. I used to get sick every holiday and once I started doing Immune boost acupuncture, I have been able to enjoy my holidays – not spend them being sick in bed. Immune Boost has worked very well for me. For years now, I have rarely been sick and haven’t had to miss any school work days. The best part is it’s covered with school benefits. I highly recommend seeing Jacki for immune Boost acupuncture.

Jeneen Armstrong Grade 5 Teacher