Cases • Sciatica

25 yo developed sciatica pain from L4-5 area down lateral thigh to L knee after knee surgery. Low back pain 6 out of 10 agrevated by slight elevation of L leg while supine worse when sitting for extended periods at job. Reported significant pain relief after first 1 hour treatment to 3 out of 10. Mobility and pain relief improved with each treatment. Total of 20 treatments in a month resulted in no recurrence of knee or sciatica pain.
19 yo presented with pain on lateral posterior aspect of upper R leg. Extending leg causes shooting pain down the lower leg into the ankle. Pain is intense and distracting while sitting for studies. Pain ranges from 5 – 9/10. Felt immediate pain relief during first treatment but started to return while leaving clinic. After 2 treatments a week by 10th treatment had only sporadic sciatic pain after sitting for several hours. Due to patient’s busy schedule and active lifestyle, treatment was speratic and therefore took longer to resolve. After 30 treatemnts there was no more pain and full range of motion restored to normal.