Cases • Neck Pain

55 yo presented with extremely acute painful stiff neck upon waking one morning 10 out of 10. Subsided to 8 out of 10 by the time she got to clinic but was extremely upset and emotional as she had never experienced anything like this before. A few minutes after needles her pain reduced greatly and after 45 minute treatment she could move her head easily with no pain or stiffness. Next day her pain returned to 5 out of 10. At 3rd treatment her pain was 2 out of 10 and completely gone after 45 minutes never to return again. She was forever grateful to the friend that referred her and has been a big supporter and referral base ever since.
40 yo presented with neck pain radiating to shoulder and down his arm to elbow. Pain reduced from 8 – 1 out of 10 after first 45 minute treatment. Patient achieved full relief in 3 sessions that week and returned to fulltime work.