Cases • Lower Back

40 yo presented with acute low back pain. Muscle strain while lifting. Pain at rest 9 out of 10 is excruciating with movement and difficulty walking. 4 treatments in one month. Reported immediate pain relief within 30 seconds of first treatment and after 405 minutes was able to get up from treatment bed and walk without cane. Reported pain relief lasted longer with each visit. Treated twice a week for a month.
60 yo presented with chronic low back pain and severely limited activity gradually increased over 2 years. Patient also overweight, high blood pressure and insulin dependent diabetes. Pain 8 out of 10 most difficulty rising from resting or reclined position. Reported moderate improvement after first 45 min treatment. 30% improvement after 2nd treatment. 4th treatment could bend over to touch knees. Pain almost non existent after 8 treatments (2 per week). Came 1 per week 3 more weeks for good measure. Over past year, patient returned for other issues and continues to report low back pain a non issue.
40 yo presented with low back pain. His job requires long flights by-weekly leaving him with crippling pain on L side sometimes affecting SI joint. He bent to pick up paper on front step and felt a spasm that increased to unbearable over last 3 days. Hasn’t slept more than 4 hours a night due to increased pain and has to fly again next week increasing his anxiety as chiro and massage have not helped and even prescription hydrocodone hasn’t helped. A few minutes into first treatment pain reduced from 8 – 4 out of 10. SI joint pain almost immediately gone with minor discomfort 2 out of 10 with spasm completely gone within minutes. He woke next day to a slight twinge after sleeping 8 hours. After 5 treatments in as many days his back was almost 100% pain free. He returned after next flight for 2 more treatments and followed up quarterly for prevention or when stressed before/after his long trips.